Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale in India and Singapore

Hydraulic Wire Saw
Hydraulic Wire Saw

Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale
Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale

The hydraulic wire saw machine has always been our company’s key product. It has a wide range of uses and has a price advantage. It is of good quality and suitable for various projects. If you are interested in this machine, please contact us as soon as possible.

Wire saw is a kind of cutting and removing equipment for thick concrete and irregular concrete. For example, the cutting of reinforced concrete beams, columns, bridges, floor slabs and stone processing, and other building foundation concrete structures need to be partially dismantled. Only wire sawing can be used. The method of use is flexible, horizontal, and vertical.

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Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine Description:

The hydraulic wire saw is a new generation of fully-automatic reinforced concrete cutting equipment developed by our company based on years of construction and product design experience. The machine is powerful and uses Australian motors and Italian hydraulic components to ensure the weight under the same volume. The lightest design, ensure that the cut is straight and neat during construction, no trimming is required, and can be cut on reinforced concrete, ceramics, glass, vibration-free and low-noise positioning accuracy during work, very suitable for cutting complex sections, widely used for reinforcement renovation of cutting and demolition industries such as houses, bridges, floors, beams, and pillars, mainly combined with a hydraulic wire saw unit and a hydraulic power station group, with directional wheel casters and ropes for cutting operations.

Concrete Wire Saw Feature:

The portable vertical all-aluminum single-operable hydraulic wire saw produced by our factory can realize various cutting on thick concrete, and is the most suitable cutting construction equipment for cutting mad removing concrete walls, bridges, and pillars, and repairing work. The wire saw is suitable for densely packed reinforced concrete structures, even for underwater cutting of 30 to 50 meters. The hydraulic wire saw can meet the cutting depth that wall saw can’t reach, and the cutting depth is not limited. At present, it is the leading advanced cutting construction equipment widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and wharves, replacing the traditional methods of heavy-duty chiseling, drilling, and blasting.

Wire Saw Wheel Parameters Hydraulic Pump Parameters
Wire Drive Mode Hydraulic Motor Power 22/25kw
Motor Type HM-80, 2 Cylinders Voltage 220V/380V, 50Hz
Minimum Input Power 25HP/33HP Hydraulic Pump Type Gear Pump
Output Shaft Speed 350/940/1300r/min Main Drive Motor 40-100L/min
Maximum Wire Length 20m Working Pressure 15-20Mpa
Feeding Method Fully Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 17L
Wire Saw Wheel Weight 64kg Weight 160kg
Motor Weight 14kg Size 700*700*1200mm
Size 1700*700*800mm  
Concrete Wire Saw
Concrete Wire Saw

Parts of Wire Saw Machine
Parts of Wire Saw Machine

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