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Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond wire saw machine is a kind of cutting machine which is mainly aimed at cutting the thick concrete and irregular concrete, such as the cutting of reinforced concrete beams, columns. In addition, the construction foundation concrete structures like bridge, floors and stone processing are partially dismantled by the diamond wire saw machine. It can also be called concrete wire saw machine, diamond wire saw for concrete depends on its cutting material. According to the power, it can mainly divided into electric wire saw and hydraulic concrete wire saw and also divided into concrete cutting rope saw and mining rope saw in accordance with the different cutting purposes and requirements. All the types of diamond wire saw machines for sale in Yugong Machinery with good quality and competitive price will be your best choice. Contact us for quotation now.

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Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Hydraulic diamond wire saw machine is a new generation of automatic reinforced concrete cutting equipment for concrete by our company on the basis of years of concrete experience and machine modelling design. It uses Australian motors and Italian hydraulic components and has the lightest weight in the same volume of machines. The equipment is mainly composed of hydraulic rope saw set and hydraulic power station set, cooperation with directional wheel, universal wheel and wire rope ate the same time to do the cutting operation. The hydraulic diamond wire saw machine for sale in our company has strong power that can make sure the cut is straight, neat and have no need to trim. Meanwhile, it can also be used in the cutting of reinforced concrete, ceramics and glass without vibration and the noise is low. If you want to cut the complex section, it’s also very suitable.

Yugong Machinery Hydraulic Wire Saw
Hydraulic Wire Saw for Sale

High Quality Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine
Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine in Yugong Machinery

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The Major Parameter of Hydraulic Wire Saw Machine:

Wire Saw Wheel Parameters Hydraulic Pump Parameters
Wire Drive Mode hydraulic Motor Power 22/25kw
Motor Type HM-80, 2 Cylinders Voltage 220V/380V, 50Hz
Minimum Input Power 25HP/33HP Hydraulic Pump Type Gear Pump
Output Shaft Speed 350/940/1300r/min Main Drive Motor 40-100L/min
Maximum Wire Length 20m Working Pressure 15-20Mpa
Feeding Method Fully hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 17L
Wire Saw Wheel Weight 64kg Weight 160kg
Motor Weight 14kg Size 700*700*1200mm
Size 1700*700*800mm  

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Hot Sale Wire Saw Machine Rope
Wire Saw Machine Rope

Construction of Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw
Construction of Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw

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Electric Wire Saw

Electric wire saw machine is also a common used concrete cutting machine. Users can make appropriate choices conforming to their requirements. The saw head is relatively heavy. In some cases, it can be fixed by pressing the bottom angle directly without using expansion screws, which can greatly reduce the damage to concrete cutting. The hydraulic pump station of the hydraulic wire saw machine need to use cooling water to reduce the oil temperature. However, the electric equipment can work for long time by adding a small amount of cooling water at the end of the rope. It can be operated with household electricity directly, eliminating the need for hydraulic system, so it usually costs less. However, compared with the hydraulic wire saw,it also has some advantages. One is that it isn’t as flexible as the hydraulic equipment when construction, especially on the construction surface of small places. The other is that it has less power than the hydraulic machine and the efficiency is a little slower. Then if you still don’t know which one is more suitable for you after reading the features of these two types, please kindly tell us your main application, we will give you the right advice.

Electric Diamond Wire Saw Machine
Electric Wire Saw for Sale


Major Parameter
Wire Drive Mode: Electric
Voltage: 380V, 5Hz
Output Shaft Speed: 980r/min
Maximum Linear Velocity of Rope: 28m/s
Weight: 350kg
Maximum Wheel Size: 500mm

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Stone Wire Saw for Sale

The machine can also be called mining stone wire saw cutting machine. This kind of equipment produced by our factory is mainly divided into four series. Among them, Series B is a standard machine,including eight specifications. The Series C is a kind of two-speed model,including five standards. The Series E is called economical model which contains four specifications and the Series X is a small kind of machine which contains four models. Then I will give the major parameters of all the models and you can choose the one you need refer to the parameters.

Diamond Wire Saw for Mining
Diamond Wire Saw for Mining

Stone Wire Saw for Sale
Stone Wire Saw for Sale

Major Parameter of Stone Wire Saw Machine
Major Parameter of Stone Wire Saw Machine

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The Features of Mining Stone Wire Saw for Sale in Yugong Machinery:

1.A variety of machine specifications can meet the needs of different users.
2.With truly reliable automatic function, so one person can operate multiple machines.
3.Adopt the constant tension control principle to ensure the best cutting condition.
4.Use the multiple dust – proof and water proof device which makes the sealing performance good.
5.Adopt the unique side door structure. It’s very convenient to maintain.
6.The machines of Series C use two-speed feed to double-track drive technology which can save time of no-load walking and make the work feed more smoothly.

How to Choose The Suitable Diamond Wire Saw for Sale?

1.Consider the material you want to cut, as well as the cutting environment. The electric wire saw and hydraulic rope saw machine will be suitable for the cutting of concrete and the stone wire saw machine for mining is usually used in the mining, cutting and shaping of marble and granite.
2.Choose according to the thickness of the concrete, the size of the steel bar and the number of roots.
3.Choose depending on your desired efficiency and the consumables.
4.When you search on the Internet, you should find a real manufacture,such as,Yugong Machinery Co.,Ltd which can ensure the quality and save your cost at the same time.

The Outstanding Advantages of Diamond Wire Saw Machine:

1.Safe and Easy to operate. The use of machines can reduce the labor intensity, improve cutting ability and labor efficiency.
2.The linear cutting makes the construction section more orderly.
3.The improvement of working speed can shorten the construction period, further reduce the labor cost, improve the competitive advantages and expand the scale of acceptable construction projects.
4.The safety, reliable and stability of hydraulic wire saw greatly reduce the loss cost of construction equipment.

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