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Concrete wall saw is mainly used for the cutting of reinforced concrete wall, brick wall and other stone materials, as well as the renovation and reinforcement of old buildings. It can also cut large-area walls, such as, door holes, windows or elevator holes. The wall that cut with it can be formed at one time, which can avoid the damage or the building structure caused by the traditional knocking construction. At the same time, the machine can help save the time, material resources, labor and costs. Concrete wall saw can also be called wall cutting saw, concrete wall saw, wall cutting saw machine, which usually contains two types, hydraulic concrete wall and electric concrete wall saw according to the power. You can check the specifications of all the models below and choose the suitable concrete wall saw for sale in our company.

Wall Cutting Saw Machine
                                                                                                            Wall Cutting Saw Machine

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Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw


Hydraulic concrete wall saw is composed of power station and saw head. It was originally designed for cutting concrete wall and used for building engineering transformation. This type of machine is very simple to operate, only a power source can help it complete the cutting work. In addition, linear cutting can make the construction section more neat. It is arguably a very popular type of wall saw machine for the cutting of reinforced concrete, rock, ceramic, brick wall and some other hard materials.

Hydraulic Wall Saw
Hydraulic Wall Saw
Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw
Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw

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Technical Parameter of Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw Machine







Model YG 600 YG 700
Max.power 25KW 30KW
Motor cooling method Air cooling water cooling
Rated voltatge 380V 50HZ 380V-420V 50HZ-60HZ
Pressure stages 3 3
Max.operating pressure 200bar/20Mpa 210bar/21Mpa
Oil flow rate 30-80L/min 40-100L/min
Dimensions 600mm*650mm*1050mm 500mm*520mm*1100mm
Weight 220kg 140kg


Saw blade diameter range 800-1400mm 800-1600mm
Cutting depth 620mm 730mm
Max.working pressure 180bar/18Mpa 200bar/20Mpa
Max.oil flow rate 100l/min 100l/min
Gearing Gear Gear
Rotation speed 450/950/1300Rpm 450/850/1200Rpm
Dimension 400mm*420mm*400mm 400mm*420mm*400mm
Weight 38kg 39kg

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Electric Concrete Wall Saw for Sale


The electric concrete wall saw for sale in Yugong Machinery uses heavy double insulation high power motor and reducer, which has the characteristics of low failure rate, long service life and can save the maintenance cost at the same time. Special mechanical clutch protection device can effectively prevent the machine and personnel from damaged due to improper operation. Manual or automatic cutting control device can not only improve the construction quality and speed up the construction, but also can reduce the labor intensity of the operator greatly. The machine can be divided into three models according to the diameter of saw blade. Meanwhile, the three models are different in the depth of cut. Please kindly choose the right one depending on your needs.

Electric Concrete Wall Saw
Electric Concrete Wall Saw
Electric Wall Cutter
Electric Wall Cutter

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Technical Parameter of Concrete Wall Saw for Sale


Model YG-800 YG-1000 YG-1200
Saw blade diameter 800mm 1000mm 12mm
Cutting depth 300mm 400mm 500mm
Power 6150w 6150w 6150w
Cutting Efficiency 3-6m/H 3-6m/H 3-6m/H
Color Customer required Customer required Customer required

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The Features of Hydraulic Concrete Wall Saw

1.High work efficiency. The machine can increase the working speed and shorten the construction time.
2.Low labor cost, large competitive advantage and suitable for large-scale cutting engineering.
3.Low loss cost. The safety, reliability and stability of hydraulic system itself greatly reduce the loss cost of construction equipment.
4.The static cutting technology used in hydraulic wall saw machine has become a construction and design concept.
5.With overload protection which can ensure the safety.
6.More powerful that can improve the cutting period and labor productivity.

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