Concrete Scarifier Machine

Concrete Scarifier Machine is one of the main types of asphalt pavement maintenance machinery. One of the main equipment for asphalt concrete pavement maintenance is mainly used for excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surfaces such as roads, town roads, airports, and freight yards. Also known as the names of floor scarifiers, concrete milling machinesasphalt milling machines, it can be used to remove road surface crowding, oil waves, netting, rutting, and other defects. It can also be used to excavate road pits and grooves, as well as the grinding of cement pavements and the milling of surface faults.

Milling damaged old laminates with a concrete scarifier machine is the most economical modern maintenance method due to its high efficiency, simple construction process, easy milling control, easy operation and flexibility, and good maneuverability. Milled oil materials can be directly recycled and used, and are therefore widely used in urban municipal roads and highway maintenance projects.

Concrete Scarifer Machine
Concrete Scarifier Machine

Concrete Scarifer Machine for Sale
Concrete Scarifier Machine for Sale

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Working Principle:

The general concrete scarifier machine consists of an engine, a frame, a milling rotor, a milling depth adjustment device, a hydraulic component, a collecting conveyor, a steering system, and a braking system.

The milling rotor is the main working part of the scarifier machine. It consists of a milling rotor shaft, a tool holder, and a cutter head. It is directly in contact with the road surface and works by its high-speed rotating milling cutter to achieve milling. The milling machine is provided with an automatic leveling device for milling the rotor side cover as a milling reference surface, and controlling two positioning hydraulic cylinders to keep the given milling depth constant.

The hydraulic system is used to drive the rotation of the milling rotor, the whole machine to walk, the auxiliary device to work, etc., generally the closed hydraulic system with independent multi-pumps, which does not interfere with each other during operation and has high reliability.

Some concrete scarifier machines is equipped with tilt adjusters to control the inclination of the rotor. Generally, large scarifier machines have aggregate conveyors consisting of conveyor belts and aggregates, which concrete the milled bulk material and the vehicle is transported to a randomly-moving carrying vehicle, and the height of the transport arm can be adjusted and swung left and right to adjust the unloading position.

When the specifications and models of the concrete scarifier machine are different, the structure and arrangement are slightly different, but the basic working principle is the same or similar. Scarifier machine power transmission route: engine→hydraulic pump→hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder→working device.

Floor Scarifier Parameter:

Product Name road milling machine conveyor belt
Model YG-250/YG-300
Cutter Shaft No. 6/8
Blade No. 6-axis 6-tooth 105-picces
Working Efficiency 200m3/h
Function road milling
A Milling Depth 1-5mm
A Milling Width 300mm
Color Customized
Engine Electric/Diesel/gasoline
Product Keywords scarifier concrete,scarified pavement definition,scarification in road construction

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Concrete Scarifier Equipment
Concrete Scarifier Equipment

Concrete Scarifier Equipment for Sale
Concrete Scarifier Equipment for Sale

Concrete Scarifier Machine Features:

  1. Milling the road surface with a concrete scarifier machine can quickly and effectively treat road surface diseases and keep the road surface flat.
  2. The road renovation project uses the milling process to maintain the horizontal elevation of the original road surface. The milling process can remove the damaged road surface, fill the original space with new materials, and after compaction, it is equal to the original road surface to maintain the original horizontal elevation of the road surface. This makes the road load passing through the viaduct or overpass culvert, not to the bridge body. The impact load is generated and the bridge and culvert are unchanged by the elevation.
  3. Ensure a good combination of new and old pavement materials and improve their service life. The milling process can make the side and bottom of the packing pit uniform and uniform in depth, forming a tooth-shaped geometric surface that is easy to be combined with new and old materials, so that the service life of the new road surface after the renovation is greatly improved.
  4. It is conducive to the recycling of old pavement materials. Since the cutting depth can be grasped, the milled material is not only clean and regular small particles, but can be recycled on-site or in a fixed stockyard without further crushing, which greatly reduces the construction cost and is also an environmental protection measure.

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Road Scarifying Machine
Road Scarifying Machine

Road Scarifying Machine for Sale
Road Scarifying Machine for Sale

Operating Procedures:

  1. The floor scarifier must be operated by a special person. The operator must undergo strict technical training before going to work. Familiar with the structure, working principle, performance, and operating procedures of each system and device of the milling machine to avoid mechanical equipment failure and personnel safety accidents.
  2. The machine must be tested for no-load test on each system, device, and whole machine before use. After confirming normal, it can enter normal operation.
  3. The machine must be in a walking state before working, and then the milling rotor rotates and slowly descends and gradually enters the working state. This sequence of operations cannot be reversed, otherwise, it will damage the machine or cause a safety hazard.
  4. Technical preparation before the operation.
  • Understand the road surface and traffic conditions at the construction site, technical requirements, etc.
  • Check that the steering system and brake system are flexible and reliable.
  • Check the hydraulic system for leaks and whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient.
  • Check whether the milling drum head is complete, intact, and securely installed. The milling drum safety cover has been installed well, complete, and effective.
  • Prepare to start the engine. Then let the engine idle and warm the car, at this time should check the display value of each instrument and engine operation. When the engine cooling water temperature reaches 60 °C, the machine can start and enter the job site.
  1. Technical requirements in the operation.
  • When milling, the clutch should be separated first, and then the clutch should be combined after the machine is engaged.
  • Slowly lower the milling drum to the milling depth in the first speed or stop.
  • The maximum cutting depth of the one-time milling asphalt concrete pavement shall not exceed the specified value of the machine.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use high-speed work when milling hard road surface to avoid damage to the cutter head.
  • It is strictly prohibited to shift gears during milling operations. The main oil pump operating arm should be placed in the “neutral position” when shifting gears.
  • During the milling operation, the working status of each indicator light and instrument should be observed at any time. The operator must not leave the driving position, otherwise, the milling drum must be lifted.
  1. Technical work after the operation.
  • The machine should be placed in a flat and safe place after operation. When the machine is parked, the milling drum is lifted, the milling gear is disengaged, the engine is turned off after 5 minutes of idle running, and the parking brake is applied to the concrete scarifier machine.
  • Open the milling drum safety cover and clean it thoroughly. Check the milling cutter and replace it if it is damaged.
  • Perform daily routine maintenance operations on the engine and machine in accordance with the warranty procedures or the technical requirements of the instruction manual.
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