Concrete Pile Cutter

Concrete Pile Cutter
Concrete Pile Cutter

Pile Cutter Machine
Pile Cutter Machine

The hydraulic concrete pile cutter is currently the world’s most advanced equipment for removing pile heads. It uses multiple hydraulic cylinders to squeeze the pile body and simultaneously squeeze from different points on the same end surface to cut off the working principle of the pile head. It is simple, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Concrete pile cutter machine, also known as hydraulic pile breaker, vividly shows its working process: in the process of high-speed rail, highway, and building construction, in order to better meet the foundation pile and the ground concrete structure, the general height of the foundation pile must be extended 1-2 meters above the ground, the function of the pile cutter is to cut off the pile head concrete that protrudes from the ground while retaining the reinforced part. In addition, YG Machinery also has concrete wall saws, diamond chain saws, hydraulic rock splitters, excavator rock splitters, wire saw machines, etc. Contact us now to know more about cutting machinery. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype/Phone】+8613613856800

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Concrete Pile Cutter Machine Parameter:

Module Number PCS 4 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Combination of the total weight KG 1600 2640 2970 3300 3630 3960 4290 4620 4950 5280 5610 5940
Pile diameter range mm 400-600 600-800 800-1000 1000-1150 1150-1300 1300-1500 1500-1650 1650-1800 1800-1970 1970-2200 2200-2360 2360-2500
Hydraulic excavator T 20T-30T 30T-40T Hydraulic system/pump station
Max.Thrust 300KN Max.

Cylinder required

20L/min Machinery Tonnage ≥20T Location pin



Cylinder Trip

300mm Chisel diameter 110mm Single

module weight


Cylinder Pressure

300MPa Max.

Hoist Capacity

≤500mm Single




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Pile Head Breaker
Pile Head Breaker

Hydraulic Pile Breaker
Hydraulic Pile Breaker

The Composition of the Pile Breaking Machine:

The hydraulic pile breaker is mainly composed of two parts: a power source and a working device. The working device is composed of multiple hydraulic cylinders of the same type to form a crusher with different diameters to meet the requirements of pile-breaking heads of various diameters. The piston is made of alloy steel, which can meet the crushing requirements of various grades of concrete. The power source can be a fixed pump station or other movable construction machinery equipment.

Working Principle:

The pile breaker provides pressure to multiple cylinders of the pile cutter through a power source. The cylinders directly drive the drill rod and simultaneously squeeze the pile body to cut off the pile head. During the construction of the pile-breaking machine, the operation is simple, high efficiency, low noise, low cost, and it is suitable for pile group construction projects. The pile breaker adopts a highly modular combination, and the modules are connected by pin shafts, and the pile heads within a certain range of diameter can be cut through the combination of different modules.

Product Advantages and Applications:

  1. The hydraulic pile breaking machine realizes high efficiency and low noise pile cutting;
  2. Modularization, through the combination of different numbers of modules, the pile heads of different diameters can be cut;
  3. High-cost performance, low operating cost, and cost performance is completely close to foreign products;
  4. The pile breaking operation is simple, does not require professional skills, and the operation is quite safe;
  5. The pile breaker can be connected with a variety of construction machinery to truly realize the versatility and economy of the product. Can be hung on excavators, cranes, telescopic booms, and other construction machinery;
  6. Long-life design brings benefits to customers.

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Pile Breaking Machine Construction Site
Pile Breaking Machine Construction Site

Hydraulic Pile Breaker Price
Hydraulic Pile Breaker Price

Instructions of Concrete Pile Cutter Machine:

Construction process: hydraulic module assembly → power system connection → pile breaking → repeated pile breaking → broken pile cleaning → manual repair.

  1. Hydraulic module assembly: According to the diameter of the pile head on site, assemble the corresponding number of hydraulic modules;
  2. Power system connection: Hang the installed hydraulic pile cutter on the front end of the excavator (or the front end of the crane), and connect it to the excavator hydraulic system (or an external hydraulic station) through a hydraulic pipe;
  3. Pile breaking: put the hydraulic pile cutter on the pile head that needs to be broken, and use the power of the excavator (or hydraulic station) to break the pile;
  4. Repeated pile breaking: move the hydraulic pile cutter down 300mm~500mm, continue breaking the pile, and repeat the action until the pile head is broken;
  5. Cleaning up broken piles: clean up the broken piles;
  6. Manual repair: manual repair to the design elevation.

Concrete Pile Cutter Manufacturer – YG Machinery Factory Price

With the continuous development of the pile breaking industry, pile breaking technology is constantly updated and replaced, from manual to mechanical, the speed is improving step by step. Looking at the major brands of pile-breaking machine manufacturers at home and abroad, although the appearance is similar, their performance is very different, and this greatly affects the pile-breaking speed of the pile-breaking machine. YG pile breaker machine is high quality and factory price. As the same, we also have other cutting machinery, stone wire saw machines, hydraulic concrete wall saw, hydraulic rock splitter, excavator rock splitter, diamond chain saw, etc. In addition, we also have protective equipment, such as wet tissues machines, face mask making machines, earloop welding machine, industrial oxygen generator, PSA nitrogen generator, luggage disinfection tunnel, smart UV disinfection robot. Contact us now!【Whatsapp/Wechat/Skype/Phone】+8613613856800

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