Putty Spraying Machine

Putty spraying machine, a spraying machine, can be called mortar spraying equipment, cement mortar spraying machine, mortar machine, etc., has a wide range of uses. It is commonly used for indoor and outdoor wall surface spraying, cement mortar grouting, bridge grouting, and waterproofing fireproofing, ceiling, wall, paint, garden spraying, and embossing coating, sound-absorbing material spraying, waterproof plugging, and filling. The mortar sprayer is very easy to operate, does not require scaffolding, mobile equipment, and can be sprayer freely even in small corners and roofs. The use of this equipment can greatly shorten the construction period, improve work efficiency, and save on shelf material costs. We also have a shotcrete machine, if you need it, contact us.

Putty Spraying Machine
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong
Cement Mortar Spraying Machine
Putty Spraying Machine Putty Spraying Machine for Sale Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong Cement Mortar Spraying Machine

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Putty Spraying Machine Working Principle and Characteristics:

  1. The machine is an electric air-pressure split type multi-function spraying machine (compressing air by compressed air and then atomizing the material at the nozzle by compressed air)
  2. The air compressor is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, no noise, no oil(using a non-lubricated piston and nano-coated cylinder).
  3. Product quality stable failure rate is low maintenance-free, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high stability, continuous operation for more than 8 hours.
  4. The machine is simple in structure, light and dexterous, convenient to use, and durable in leather.
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong

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Putty Spraying Machine Advantages:

  1. The price is cheaper, which is one-half or even one-tenth of the price of other functional spraying machines.
  2. It is easy to maintain, it can be repaired by itself, and the warranty period is up to 2 years, almost no maintenance cost.
  3. Flexible movement and convenient transportation.
  4. The nozzle has a large caliber and is not clogged.
  5. It has many functions and can spray almost all paste liquid materials.
  6. It is easy to clean. After the project is finished, it can be cleaned with water.
The Application of Putty Spraying Machine
The Application of Putty Spraying Machine

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Putty Spraying Machine Operating Procedure:

  1. Turn on the power, press the button, and the screw pump will start working. If the steering is reversed, press the stop button to stop. Adjust the power supply and reverse the beginning to change the steering. If it is in the opposite direction, it will not be discharged.
  2. Inject a small amount of water into the inlet of the delivery hose, or use a screw pump to pump the water to wet the delivery hose, and then gradually drain the tube water from the outlet. The drainage should be clean and no residual water should remain in the pipe.
  3. Tied the duct and the mortar tube side by side. The row connects the duct to the gun.
  4. Load the evenly mixed material into the hopper( can be used with the power opener).
  5. Press the start button and the shotcrete work begins. At work, combined with the adjustment of the air volume, the spray quality can be optimized.
  6. The adjustable speed screw pump has an output flow rate of 0-8 liters/min. In operation, it can be adjusted to the output speed suitable for construction.
  7. Stirring materials must be added continuously in the hopper to ensure the continuity of the spraying work.

When the spraying work needs to be paused, press the stop button to make the operation more convenient. The following methods can be used for remote control: the middle button of the electric box to the left is the manual control switch.

  1. Before the end of the spraying work, after the remaining material in the hopper is sprayed, the air pump is turned off and the machine is stopped.
  2. Remove the gun and disassemble the parts and clean them one by one.
  3. Inject water into the hopper and press the button on wash the water. When the nozzle is out of clear water, press the button to stop, remove the transfer hose, and roll-up.


Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong Machinery
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong Machinery
Putty Spraying Machine Product Display
Putty Spraying Machine Product Display
Putty Spraying Machine Manufacture
Putty Spraying Machine Manufacture

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Putty Spraying Machine Maintenance:

  1. Every time the pump core is cleaned, a little silicone oil lubrication and anti-embroidering must be added. The purpose is to project the turning core from rusting and to start smoothly after the next use.
  2. When the machine is working, the electric box door must be closed and locked to prevent dust and moisture from entering and damaging the machine components.
  3. The housing must be refueled before and after work, every day and the gearbox oil is checked frequently.
  4. When moving the machine at the construction site, the power cord must be unplugged regardless of distance.
  5. When cleaning the machine, the electric box can only be wiped and not rinsed.
  6. The main shaft sealing ring is adjusted, the pump core and the feeding support must be disengaged, and then the three screws are tightened. The standard after the screw is tightened: the 8-inch movable hand can easily pull the spindle screw.
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong
Putty Spraying Machine for Sale in Yugong

Putty Spraying Machine Hot Sale
Putty Spraying Machine Hot Sale

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Putty Spraying Machine Troubleshooting:

  1. During the work, suddenly stop automatically, the possible reasons are:

         A: Sudden power failure at the construction site. If the power supply will not be restored within a short period of time, the power supply, the pump core, and all accessories must be removed and cleaned. When disassembling the conveying pipe, the bag must be covered with a bag or other items to prevent the moment from being released, the pressure inside the pipe is suddenly released, and the mortar is in danger.

         B: The motor is overloaded. Check if the fuse is blown.

  1. If the slurry is too dry or the shutdown time is too long and it is not cleaned, it may cause a blockage failure. A blockage fault is also one of the causes of overload. When this happens, the blockage must be cleared. Turn off the power first. Do not disassemble the spray gun or the transfer hose immediately. Otherwise, the huge pressure inside the tube will be released from the disassembly and the explosion of sand will be dangerous.

         A: Turn the power supply to the reverse direction.

         B: Press the button to turn on the machine and turn the machine for about 30 seconds to reduce the pressure inside the pipe.

         C: Remove the gun and clean it. Check if the nozzle is blocked.

         D: Turn the power switch to forward rotation and turn it on.

         E: If the conveying hose is not delivered, it means that the pipe is clogged, and the cleaned spray gun is connected to continue the spraying work.

         F: If the conveying hose is not delivered, it means that the pipe is clogged, and it can be turned on and off several times. If there is still no material to be sent out, remove the conveying pipe for cleaning and unblocking, and remove the conveying hose, which must be carried out after opening and reversing.

         G: Connect the dredged pipe, and then adjust the button to forward and restart.

  1. The machine is moving normally, but the pulping is slow or not, the possible reasons are:

          A: The pump core has been worn for too long. How to judge whether the pump core is worn or not? The pressure gauge can be connected between the pump outlet and the delivery hose. If the pressure gauge shows little or no pressure, the pump can be judged to be worn. That is to replace the pump core.

          B: The rotating part in the hopper is evacuated to form a space. The reason is that the slurry is too dry or the dry powder flow is poor persuasion and is not suitable for mechanical operation. In this case, the pump core will dry out due to no material, and soon the pump core will be not hot and burned.

  1. If the pressure gauge is connected, can the reading from the pressure gauge reflect whether the machine is working properly? If the pressure gauge is larger than 25kg and the discharge is slow or no discharge, the clogging failure may occur, the hose may shrink, and the risk of bursting may occur at any time, and the machine will stop immediately. Press in reverse decompression, then repair and clean up.

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