Wheel Washing Machine

Wheel Washing Machine
Wheel Washing Machine

Wheel Wash Machine for Sale
Wheel Wash Machine for Sale

The construction wheel washing machine is designed according to the requirements of the municipal, road administration, construction committee, environmental committee, transportation, and other departments for the construction vehicles. It is designed for the tires and chassis of various engineering vehicles. The equipment uses a multi-directional high-pressure water gun to carry out the tire and chassis parts. High-pressure flushing, so as to achieve the effect of thoroughly washing the wheel and the chassis, and meeting the requirements of various departments. The washing machine uses mechanical automatic induction, remote control, and manual control to automatically complete the flushing work, and the flushing water can be recycled. When working continuously, only a small amount of water needs to be added, so that a lot of water can be saved. It is especially suitable for the cleaning of incoming and outgoing vehicles in various construction sites, mining workshops, cement products factories, coal mines, power plants, landfills, high-end communities, etc., so as to achieve excellent projects without dust pollution.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800

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Wheel Washing Machine for Sale
Wheel Washing Machine for Sale

Wheel Wash Machine
Wheel Wash Machine

Technical Parameters:



Available Vehicles

10-100 tons of engineering vehicles, garbage trucks or other vehicles

Starting Mode

Automatic Mechanical Sensing Start / Manual Start

Water Pressure






Washing Time

1-60s/vehicle (optional)

Water Consumption

<5L/vehicle (recycle)





Wheel Washing Machine Feature:

  1. The equipment can completely and completely clean the vehicle body, the chassis, the two sides of the car, the dirt and dust of the tire parts, such as the muck, the mud truck, and the commercial vehicle.
  2. With infrared sensor type automatic opening or manual opening, the selection method is diversified, flexible, and convenient.
  3. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly water recycling, saving water, and saving water resources.
  4. Transport and installation are convenient, 2 hours can be put into use.
  5. The cleaning process is fast, no need for personnel to take care of it, and the entire cleaning process is fully automated.
  6. Can adapt to different site sites, the transition is convenient, can be repeated use of the cycle.
  7. Thick steel, can choose different types of equipment according to different environments.

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Product Show in YG
Product Show in YG

Working Show
Working Show

Operating Procedures:

  1. The operator of the wheel washing machine must be trained and familiar with the operation process before the operation.
  2. Before the construction of the washing machine is closed, the sensor and the pedal switch must be normal. The emergency stop switch has been reset. The water level in the pool is within the range of the washable car. There is no idle person in the car wash range.
  3. Close the main power circuit breaker, the power indicator light is on, and the site washing machine enters the standby state.
  4. Before the vehicle enters the washing machine, the driver should be informed of the cleaning procedure, drive the vehicle slowly, do not crash quickly, and confirm that the door and window have been closed.
  5. During the operation of the program, the power supply must not be turned off to ensure the orderly operation of the entire car wash program.
  6. Regularly clean the sludge in the sedimentation tank to avoid mixing into the clear water tank and causing the nozzle to clog.
  7. The operation clearance should be done to clean and maintain the equipment. Check the nozzle and the nozzle for blockage frequently to avoid affecting the cleaning effect.
  8. Turn off the power before performing any cleaning and maintenance.
  9. In the cold weather in winter, the water in the water pipe should be drained after work to prevent freezing.
  10. It is forbidden to wash the car with a water shortage to avoid burning the water pump.

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  1. Check the solid of each connection of the engineering washing machine regularly every week, as long as it is found to be loose, it should be tightened in time.
  2. After turning on the power, if the car enters the car wash channel, it can’t automatically spray water. Check if there is any debris blocking the sensor switch, or check the power cable and signal cable for wear.
  3. Before using it daily, you should check the water level in the reservoir to see if there is any floating debris in the pool.
  4. If some nozzles are not sprayed, it indicates that the spout is blocked and should be cleaned up in time.

Refinishing: The wheel washing machine is an environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment that is necessary on the construction site. It can carry out all-round cleaning work on the work vehicles on the construction site. It must be used frequently on the construction site for a long time. The car washing machine is pressed back and forth by the vehicle. The impact of water and water will cause the paint on the car wash surface to fall off. In order to increase service life, we need to make up the paint.

Rush treatment: Check if the surface of the engineering car washing machine has been rusted. If it is, it needs to be polished. After polishing, apply a layer of anti-rust paint and then process it. Always check whether the nozzle needs to be replaced. If the working pressure is too long and the sun is exposed, it will easily lead to rust. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the nozzle. If it needs to be replaced, it should be replaced in time.

High-temperature effects in summer: The engine fuel system is prone to generate air resistance and poor oil supply; the high temperatures will degrade the performance and tightness of the engine intake system, and the engine will leak oil and increase fuel consumption. In addition, high temperatures are likely to cause the deformation of the machine. Working at high temperatures for a long time will result in poor performance of the lubrication system, easy deterioration of the oil, and easy wear of the drive system such as the chassis.

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