Fogging Machine for Sale in Mexico

Mist Sprayer
Mist Sprayer

Fogging Sprayer
Fogging Sprayer

Today I am going to talk about the case where our customers from Mexico bought fogging machines. Our fogging machine for sale in Mexico and the customer bought 15 units. Inquiries from the website on April 6th sent videos directly, when added Wechat, and sent videos and pictures again. Our customers want to 50 to 60 meters of automatic fog gun machine. Ask if the machine has batteries. Our fog guns do not need batteries. But customers still want to bring batteries, because the machines with batteries are smaller, and want to use them personally because small machines are more portable and convenient to use. So the sales manager recommended our newly developed fogging machine to the customer. And recommended our company’s protective clothing.

The customer prefers a small mist machine and inquires about the machine parameters and port. The customer manager sends a detailed quotation. The customer wants to use it as soon as possible and recommends air freight. The battery of our machine is certified, so all shipping methods are possible.

The machine battery is 12V ( if it is not convenient for transportation if the customer can buy it in his local area, the lithium battery can also be removed ).

Our machines are all in stock, and we can usually arrange the shipment immediately after receiving the payment.

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Fogging Machine
Fogging Machine

Fogging Machine for Sale
Fogging Machine for Sale

Fog Sprayer
Fog Sprayer

Fogging Machine Parameter

Model YG-80(Single-tube) YG-120(Platinum Double tube) YG-140(Gold Double Tube) YG-180 YG-240 YG-280
Empty weight(kg) 8.5 9 8.2 7.8 7.5 7.5
Size(cm) 114*24*33 114*24*33 114*24*33 114*24*30 100*16*30 100*16*30
Water tank capacity(L) 16 16 16 16 16 16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 2 2 2 2 2 2
Fuel consumption A box of oil hits three barrels of potion A box of oil hits four barrels of potion
Water mist distance(m) 8-10 8-10 8-10 9-14 8-10 8-10
Smoke distance(m) 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50
Fuel 92 # or above pure gasoline
Spray volume(L/h) 90 90 120 120 120 120
Ignition power 12V rechargeable battery

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Application of Fogging Machine
Application of Fogging Machine

Fogging Machine Maintenance:

  1. Remove the suction filter and spray hose, turn on the water outlet switch, press the pressure relief handle, loosen the pressure regulating handwheel, so that the pressure regulating spring is in a loose state, rotate the engine or pump by hand, remove water from the pump, and scrub the surface of the unit.
  2. After the operation is completed every day, under the use pressure, continue to spray with water for 2 to 5 minutes to clean the remaining chemical liquid in the pump and the pipeline to prevent the internal residual liquid from corroding the body.
  3. At the end of the prevention season, when the machine is stored for a long time, the water accumulated in the pump should be completely eliminated to prevent the machine parts from being corroded and frozen during the cold, and remove the triangle belt, spray gun, hose, medicine mixer, filter, etc. Clean and dry, hang, and store as much as possible. Drain the fuel and oil in the gasoline engine.
Product Details
Product Details


  1. The spray volume is reduced or cannot be sprayed: when the engine is working, check whether the air inlet valve is opened, whether the medicine box cover is leaking or whether the rubber gasket is damaged; second, check whether the intake pipe in the medicine box is twisted and the nozzle, Switch, regulating valve and filter mesh ventilation holes are blocked, should be cleaned and unblocked. If the spray cannot be sprayed vertically, it may be caused by the spray head being raised too high. The spray head should be lowered to maintain an angle of 60 to 70 degrees with the ground.
  2. The engine is difficult to start: First, there is a short circuit phenomenon in the high-voltage line connected to the spark plug. Generally, there is serious leakage at the end of the spark plug. As long as the leakage part is cut off or a new high-voltage line is replaced, the fault can be eliminated; The resistance of the multimeter measures the insulation resistance between the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug. Normally, the resistance is infinite, that is, the needle does not move. If the needle swings, it indicates that the spark plug is leaking. The greater the swing of the needle, the more serious the leakage.
  3. The spark plug does not flash: In the case of normal high-voltage line flash, the spark plug should be removed first to see if there is a carbon deposit, whether the electrode is wet or the gap is normal. According to the situation, remove the carbon deposit or dry it, and adjust the gap to about 0.6 to 0.7 mm. If the spark plug insulation is damaged or the electrode is burned, it should be replaced.
  1. The liquid enters the fan: first check the intake rubber ring, if it is damaged or loses its elasticity, it needs to be replaced with a new one. If the gap between the air intake rubber ring and the air intake plug is too large, you can wrap a layer of tape around the air intake plug to increase the tightness of the air plug and the rubber ring. If it is caused by the falling off of the air inlet plug and the transparent plastic tube of the filter, it needs to be reinstalled.
  2. Oil leakage from the carburetor: When the gasoline engine is stopped, if the main injection hole is found to be constantly leaking, the reason may be that the balance lever of the carburetor is adjusted too high, or the needle valve has dirt on it. Adjust the balance lever appropriately until there is no oil leakage.
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