Sand Blasting Chamber

Sand Blasting Chamber
Sand Blasting Chamber

Portable Sand Blasting Booth
Portable Sand Blasting Booth

The sand blasting chamber is also called the shot blasting room and the sand blasting room. It is suitable for surface cleaning and rust removal of some large workpieces and increases the adhesion between the workpiece and the coating. The sandblasting room is designed according to the production process and the characteristics of the product itself. Suitable for surface derusting and rust removal of large castings, welded steel structures, engineering machinery, industrial boilers, chemical machinery, shipbuilding, etc. Strengthen, improve the adhesion of paint, and so on. Its structure and supporting equipment are mainly composed of six parts: shot blasting room, shot blasting system, abrasive circulation system, ventilation, and dust removal system, lighting, and electrical control system. If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800

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Sand Blasting Room Parameters:

Size of Blasting Room Size of workpieces Blasting Gun Qty
6000×6000×5000mm 3000×3000×2500mm 2
6000×6000×6000mm 3000×3000×3500mm 2
8000×6000×5000mm 5000×3000×2500mm 2
8000×6000×6000mm 5000×3000×3500mm 2
10000×6000×6000mm 7000×3000×3500mm 2
15000×6000×6000mm 12000×3000×3500mm 2
15000×8000×6000mm 12000×5000×3500mm 2
18000×8000×6000mm 15000×5000×3500mm 4
18000×10000×8000mm 15000×7000×5500mm 4


  1. Economic, efficient, and pollution-free.
  2. Complex workpieces of all sizes are well machined.
  3. Reduce working noise and extend service life.
  4. Provide dust-free protective accessories to ensure operator health.
  5. Equipped with advanced PLC systems and high-quality components.
  6. The size of the blasting room can be custom-designed.

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Buy YG Sandblasting Chamber
Buy YG Sandblasting Chamber

YG Hot-sale Sandblasting Cabinet Working Principle
YG Hot-sale Sandblasting Cabinet Working Principle

Design Feature:

The main feature of the sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during the blasting process. Protective clothing and helmets protect the operator from abrasive impact, and the ventilator provides the operator with fresh air through the helmet. The blasting room is mainly used for large parts or with automatic blasting equipment to handle very expensive parts. The nozzle manipulator installed in the blasting room can automatically blast the surface of the part, and the hard-to-reach area of the automatic blasting can be done by manual blasting. This maintains flexibility and reduces the number of blasting operators. Abrasive delivery is another highlight of the design of the device. In addition to the well-known flat conveyor floor that requires a small installation depth, DISA has extensive experience in screw conveyors and vibrating cross-belt conveyor technology. Open blasting is generally used for large workpieces.

Design Basis:

The design of the blasting room should take into account the requirements of current users and various shipbuilding codes, as well as the new requirements of the IMO specification for painting. The design of the painting room not only shows the development level of contemporary international shipbuilding coating, but also the principle of practicality, achieving low investment and high efficiency, that is, lower operating cost, minimum maintenance probability, and the easiest operation mode. The goal, get the most economic benefits. The configuration of the coating equipment must be advanced, reasonable, and effective.

The Design of the Blasting Booth Must Meet and Meet the Following Requirements:

  1. Painting work normally in all weather.
  2. The process equipment can operate at full load for a long time without trouble, and the whole of the sand blasting and painting booth adopts a” no-fault” design; a Grid board.
  3. The central centralized control system should meet the requirements of simple operation and a high degree of automation of the process equipment system.
  4. The processing system should be advanced, practical, and safe.
  5. Improve the overall cost performance of the system by optimizing the design.
  6. Economical, reasonable, and comfortable ventilation, dust removal, and paint mist treatment.
  7. The production capacity of sandblasting and painting is basically up to the design requirements.
  8. System equipment must be advanced and complete, and reduce the dependence on auxiliary services.

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Shot Blasting Booth for Sale
Shot Blasting Booth for Sale

Sandblasting Room Operation Pictures
Sandblasting Room Operation Pictures

The Difference Between Sand Blasting Machine and Sand Blasting Chamber:

In terms of external dimensions, sandblasting machines are generally small equipment, and sand blasting rooms are built in a house for sand blasting. The sand blasting machine is generally simpler than the sandblasting room. In addition to the sandblasting system, a standard sandblasting room will have a dust removal system, a control system, a lighting system, a sand returning system, etc., and an ordinary open sandblasting machine. Only a sandblasting system.

The automatic sandblasting room is a kind of sand blasting machine, which uses compressed air as the power and metal abrasive as the medium. The automatic sand blasting room automatically refers to automatic blasting, the automatic workpiece in and out, automatic oscillating of the spray gun, automatic sorting of abrasives, automatic dust removal, and so on. Anyway, except for the top and bottom of the workpiece, all of them do not require manual operation. Suitable for flat plates, discs, squares, etc.

Sand Blasting Room Use Scale:

  1. Pre-disposal: Electroplating, painting, spraying, etc. All are covered by sandblasting before processing, the appearance is definitely hygienic, and the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the cover layer is greatly improved.
  2. Finishing: Metal parts such as castings, stampings, welded parts, heat treatment parts, descaling, residue, dust; Non-metallic products, surface finishing, ceramic blanks, black spots, and lacquer drawings.
  3. The old parts innovation: Innovative cleaning of all moving parts such as automobiles, motorcycles, sandblasting room mechanical, and electrical equipment. Together to eliminate fatigue stress and extend the service life.
  4. The light decoration: All metal products and non-metal products ( plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) surface traces are eliminated, argon light fog surface treatment, so that the appearance of the product is promoted to the level.
  5. The touch tool disposal: The argon surface treatment of the mold surface, the graphic production, and the mold finishing does not hurt the appearance of the mold, and guarantees the precision of the mold.
  6. Burr disposal: Fine burrs of machined parts are removed, and the overflow of the injection parts is eliminated.
  7. Rework of defective products: Removal of poor masking of the product, the poor coloring of the appearance, and the removal of printing.
  8. Strengthening: Adding the hardness of the metal parts to eliminate stress, such as aircraft blades, springs, machining tools, and weapons.
  9. Etching anti-skid processing: Metal products, non-metal products, exterior etching pictures, text, and anti-slip treatment, such as marble, handle slip, seal, stone lettering.
  10. Denim disposal: Denim wear matte, whitish, and hairy effect.

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