Road Paver Machine

Concrete Road Paver
Concrete Road Paver

Concrete Road Paver for Sale
Concrete Road Paver for Sale

The concrete road paver machine is used to spread the mixed cement concrete along the roadbed according to the given thickness, width, and road type requirements, and then through the operation procedures of tapping, leveling, and troweling, to complete the construction of the paved concrete pavement mechanical. We also sell road marking machines, floor shot blaster, road roller, asphalt crack filler machines, floor grinder machines, concrete curb machines, etc. for sale in YG Machinery with high quality and best price. If you are interested in our machine, please contact us now to know more details.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+8613613856800

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Concrete Road Paver Parameter:

Model YG-168  Double roller   YG-219  Three rollers
Paving width 3000-6000mm

Vibration frequency

Roller diameter 168mm 219mm
Impact force 5.5kN
Move speed 8-10m/min
Voltage 380v 380v
Weight 1000kg 1500kg
Power 4kw +4kw 4+5.5kw
Paving thickness 300mm

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Road Paver
Road Paver

Road Paver for Sale
Road Paver for Sale

Concrete Road Paver Use and Classification:

According to the roller, it is mainly divided into two types of rollers (168 types) and three rolls (type 219). One axis is responsible for walking, one axis is responsible for leveling, and the other is responsible for pulping. It can also be equipped with a screw shaft ( skein shaft) called a four-roller. This shaft mainly plays the role of scraping the material and reducing the burden on several shafts, making the paving effect more obvious.

It is mainly used for paving and leveling the concrete surface of high-speed railways, bridges, municipal roads, country roads, airport runways, water slopes, and other projects.

Road Paver Machine Main Functions:

Paving various materials such as road base and surface layers, leveling, tapping, slurrying, and leveling, solving road surface flatness, improving mechanized paving ability, and speeding up construction progress.

The shaft of the roller paver is made of a 6mm seamless steel pipe, the diameter of the shaft is 219, the motor has two, the traveling motor and the vibration motor. The voltage is 380V and the leveling depth can reach 30cm. This machine is fully automatic, with brake effect, paving, compaction, pulping, and equalization functions, and the leveling effect is particularly good. Widely used in various roads, squares, airport runways, and other concrete roads. Machines of different lengths can be customized according to your requirements, up to 12 meters.

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Pavers Start-up Notes:

  1. The road paver machine should be fully preheated before paving so that the temperature of the screed reaches about 100 degrees. Only when sufficient heating is performed, the occurrence of the pulling phenomenon of the pavement at the initial stage of paving can be avoided.
  2. When the paver is in place, the screed of the paver should be parallel with the seam of the road as much as possible, and the front end of the screen should be as close as possible to the seam. It is easy to cause unevenness of the road when it is advanced.
  3. Before the paver starts, the paver hammer should be able to rotate freely. Generally, the hammer is manually pulled, and then the paver hammer is idling for a few minutes, knowing that the hammer can rotate at a normal speed. Otherwise, due to the large resistance, the hammer belt slips easily during the starting process, and the hammer speed is unstable, resulting in a large change in compactness and uneven thickness of the paving, which affects the flatness of the joint.
  4. When the paver starts, it should be placed on the screen under the appropriate thickness of the wooden board. The thickness of the board is determined according to the thickness of the paving compaction, combined with the mechanical condition and experience. Pay attention to the position of the board, which should be evenly arranged at the back end of the screen.
  5. When the paver starts, the elevation angle of the screed should be adjusted. According to the work experience, the working elevation angle of the screen is generally adjusted to the position of the elevation angle of the paver at the end of the previous day’s construction. For new paving, the paver’s elevation scale is generally adjusted to the paver’s paving thickness plus the value of 3-5. Experience is important to consider the screed’s elevation position, paving material, paving thickness, temperature changes, equipment status, and more.
  6. The paver should be squared and slow at the start. After the indicators are qualified, adjust to the normal paving speed.

Precautions During the Paving Process:

  1. When the paver is paving, you must travel straight, not to the left and right. The steering should be fine-tuned, otherwise, it will easily cause unevenness of the road surface.
  2. The paver should drive at a constant speed. It can’t be slowed down and changed at will, so it is easy to cause the change of the paving thickness to affect the smoothness of the pavement.
  3. The paver should be paved continuously during the paving process, and should not be stopped at will, so as not to affect the smoothness of the road surface. When there is an accident, you must stop the dustproof lock of the screed of the paver to avoid ironing. When the plate sinks, the screed of the paver should be opened to prevent the crawler lock from opening so that the temperature of the asphalt material in front of the screen is too low, the screed will be lifted, the paving thickness will be increased, and the flatness of the road surface will be affected.
  4. In the paving process, the speed of the auger should be adjusted. The speed should not be slowed down. Try to make the distributor rotate at a constant speed to minimize the segregation of the asphalt mixture.
  5. When the asphalt truck unloads the asphalt material in the paver, a special person must command the reversing, stop at 30cm before the paver pushes the roller, let the paver push the skip forward, and the skip cannot appear. The phenomenon of the collision paver occurs, and the brakes of the skip car do not brake when driving, so as to avoid the increase of the driving resistance of the paver, the slip phenomenon, and the smoothness of the road surface.

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Asphalt Pavement Paver
Asphalt Pavement Paver

Asphalt Pavement Paver for Sale
Asphalt Pavement Paver for Sale

Using the Concrete Road Paver Machine:

  1. Park the equipment in a safe place and put a safety warning sign around it to avoid a safety accident.
  2. If the temperature of the screed is high, clean the asphalt in the screed in time. Spray a proper amount of diesel oil (oil-water mixture) with a sprayer, and clean the asphalt material at the screed tamping hammer to avoid the phenomenon that the tamper can not rotate freely and the belt slips when paving the next day to prevent sludge. Clean the asphalt material at the bottom of the screen to avoid roughening the pavement.
  3. After the work is over, the paver should be maintained. The position that can be automatically maintained should be additionally lubricated. The place that can not be automatically maintained should be manually filled with butter to avoid malfunction of the equipment due to inadequate maintenance. The quality of the paving.
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