Hollow Anchor

Hollow Anchor
Hollow Anchor

Hollow Anchor for Sale
Hollow Anchor for Sale

Hollow grouting anchor is a kind of hollow anchor. The bolt is threaded throughout the body. It is connected with a sleeve and is long. A disposable drill is installed at the front end.

It is a simple structure with active support. It can maintain the integrity and stability of the surrounding rock to the greatest extent, effectively control the development of deformation, displacement, and cracks in the surrounding rock, and give full play to the supporting role of the surrounding rock. The surrounding rock changes from load to load body and passive support is a high efficiency, which is conducive to accelerating the construction progress, low construction cost, good support effect, and low construction noise.

Hollow grouting anchor technology, as a technologically and economically superior technical means, is more and more widely used in various engineering fields. At present, it is not only widely used in major coal-producing countries in the world, but also popularized and applied to metallurgy, water conservancy, and hydropower, railways and highways, military and construction projects.


Mainly used in highway, railway, tunnel advanced support, slope support, foundation pit support, and other good geological conditions of the surrounding rock system support, after drilling with a rock drill to the design depth of the anchor, the anchor will retreat the anchor body is mounted on the head, placed in the hole, and then grouting can be used to consolidate the broken rock body, improve the rock body, cut off the groundwater and the rod body to prevent corrosion, thereby achieving a good support purpose.


  1. Hollow design, realize the function of grouting.
  2. Grouting is full and pressure grouting can be achieved.
  3. The rod body is well centered, and the mortar can wrap the full length of the anchor body to avoid the possibility of corrosion and achieve the purpose of long-term support.
  4. Easy installation, without the need to process the thread on-site, it can easily install the pad and nut.
  5. The upward exhaust anchor heads us adopted to completely solve the problem of exhausting the hollow anchor rod above the horizontal line.

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Hollow Anchor Pipe
Hollow Anchor Pipe

Hollow Bolt
Hollow Bolt

Working Principle:

The technical principle of the hollow grouting anchor is that one end of the prestressed anchor is connected to the rock and soil or structure, and the other end is anchored in the rock and soil layer, and the prestress is applied to form an anchor system to support the rock and soil pressure. Water pressure, anti-floating, anti-overturning, and other structural tensile forces to maintain the stability of rock and soil. By applying to prestress to the anchor rod, the deformation of the rock and soil body can be actively controlled, and the stress state of the rock and soil body can be adjusted, which is conducive to the stability of the rock and soil body. The required drilling diameter is small, no large machinery is needed, the structure is light and reliable. The construction equipment is light, simple, flexible, requires a small working surface, and the labor intensity of the workers is low; based on the use of mechanized operations, the process is simple, the construction is safe, and the relevant processes are easy to intersperse. Prepare a special construction plan before construction and make technical explanations. According to the design requirements of prestressed anchors, soil conditions, and environmental conditions. Reasonably select construction equipment, utensils, and process methods, and set up a work platform for facility workers.

 Product Parameter:

Product Specifications and Models Performance Index Weight Unit
 AnchorHollow 25*2.6mm 180KN 1.45 m
25*3.5mm 180KN,16%

or 153KN 21%

25*4.5mm 193KN,21% 2.27
25*5.2mm Iron standard 193KN,21%

TB/B 3209-2008

25*7.1mm Iron standard 193KN,21%

TB/B 3209-2008

30*3.5mm 192KN,21% 2.28
30*5.2mm Iron standard 192KN,21%

TB/B 3209-2008

32*4.2mm 240KN,10% 2.75
32*6.3mm Iron standard 240KN,21%

TB/B 3209-2008

Rebar 22 172KN,17% 2.87
25 223KN,17% 3.75
Plate 100*4 0.24 each
120*4 0.35
150*4 0.55
150*6 0.88
Nut 25 0.13
30 0.2
32 0.25
Stopper 25,30,32 Plastic 0.03
Anchor Head 25,30,32 Plastic 0.03
25 Expending-shell  ( iron ) 0.65
25 Expending-shell  (steel ) 0.7
32 Expending-shell ( iron ) 0.95
Drill Bit 25 Cross 0.3
25 Ball gear 0.4
32 Cross 0.4
32 Ball gear 0.48
Coupling 22/25 0.25
22/30 0.25
25/25 0.25
25/32 0.3
32/32 0.55
Bit Sank Coupling 25,32 2.7 set
Grouting Joint 25 1.55 each
30 1.5
32 1.45
Escape-pipe Internal diameter 6mm 0.05 m
Plug Head 30 0.05 each

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Hollow Bolt for Sale
Hollow Bolt for Sale

Hollow Grouting Anchor
Hollow Grouting Anchor

Hollow Grouting Anchor Advantage:

  1. High construction efficiency: The self-drilling hollow prestressed anchor technology integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring, and each construction process is completed in one process, which can save construction time.
  2. It is suitable for stratums that are difficult to form holes: in the case of relatively soft and broken surrounding rocks, it is generally difficult to form holes. Even if holes are formed, it is easy to collapse the holes, and it is difficult to penetrate other anchor rods or anchor cables in the holes. Drilling hollow anchor technology just avoids the shortcomings of conventional methods. After the drilling is completed, the rod body does not need to exit when left in the hole, so it is not afraid of collapsing the hole, saving the time of penetrating into other rod bodies, and reducing the construction difficulty.
  3. Hollow grouting anchors are highly adaptable:self-drilling hollow anchors have full threaded bodies, which can be cut at any position to adapt to different construction conditions.
  4. High anchoring force: the self-drilling hollow anchor rod body is a trapezoidal thread, which is firmly connected with the coupling sleeve, and has a good combination with the grouting body.
  5. Hollow grouting anchor has a good anchoring effect: during grouting, since the grout is grouting from the bottom of the hole, the grouting is full, the compactness is good, and the grouting quality is good.
  6. Hollow grouting anchor construction is simple and convenient: compared with the conventional anchor construction, the procedures such as drilling start, installation of anchor rods, and installation of grouting pipes are reduced, and the construction is quick and simple.

Hollow Anchor Precautions:

  1. Grouting workers must wear protective tools.
  2. Carefully check the equipment, equipment, and wiring t avoid injury due to leakage.
  3. Mechanical workers operate strictly in accordance with operating procedures.
  4. The grouting worker and the grouting driver must coordinate well.
  5. After the grouting is completed, the valve must be closed before paying attention to the pulper.
  6. The grouting port is not allowed to people.

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Hollow Grouting Anchor for Sale
Hollow Grouting Anchor for Sale

Self-drilling Hollow Grouting Bolt
Self-drilling Hollow Grouting Bolt

Hollow Grouting Anchor Function:

  1. Quick initial support to control surrounding rock deformation and ensure stability of surrounding rock.
  2. Hollow design. The anchor rod realizes the function of the grouting pipe and avoids the loss of mortar caused by the traditional construction process when the grouting pipe is pulled out.
  3. Full grouting and pressure grouting can be achieved to improve project quality.
  4. Due to the role of various accessories, the rod body is well centered. Mortar can wrap the anchor body over its entire length, avoiding the danger of corrosion and achieving the purpose of long-term support.
  5. Easy installation, without the need to process the thread on-site, you can easily install the pad and nut.
  6. Hollow grouting anchors combined with the dedicated grouting pumps and grouting technology are the only anchorage systems in Gome that have completely solved many problems of marine anchoring support.

Advance Small Catheter Use:

An advanced small conduit is a process method in the tunneling construction process. It is mainly used in the weak fracture zone, shallowly buried section, tunnel bias section, sand layer section, sand pebble section, fault fracture zone, etc. Pre-support.

Advance Small Catheter
Advance Small Catheter

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