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Curb machine, also known as the curb stone sliding mold forming machine or curb stone sliding mould forming machine. The curb stone sliding mold forming machine developed by the company is the whole process of paving the kerb stone in one time in the on-site pouring construction, which can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. Dry concrete can also be used for the use of plastic concrete. After the motor is vibrated and compacted, it is formed by sliding mold molding, and the vibration is continuously formed while walking. The formed curb has high impact strength and stability, and its overall strength and stability. It is unmatched by the curb stone produced in the traditional way. With the development of highways and domestic machinery manufacturing technology, the technology of sliding mode curbs has been more and more mature, and it has been applied to the construction of highway curbs. It has broken through the traditional manufacturing mode and has a very high site versatility. A variety of harsh conditions, it can be produced on-site, eliminating the need to rent prefabricated sites and pre-production preparations, while avoiding material waste during prefabrication and loss in transportation and on-site installation. It can effectively overcome the construction difficulties caused by road construction stress and narrow space. Up to now, it has been widely used in road construction, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

This machine is made of cement concrete to build road curbs, shoulders and intermediate barriers. It is widely used in the molding of high-grade highways, country-level highways and municipal road curbs. Dry or wet molds and sensors can be provided according to the requirements of curb construction.

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Curb Machine for Sale
Curb Machine for Sale

Curb Stone Sliding Mold Forming Machine
Curb Stone Sliding Mold Forming Machine

Following the road construction and the updating process of the used mechanical equipment, it can be found that due to the improvement of the domestic road and machinery manufacturing level, the prefabricated automatic synovial membrane technology has been widely used in curbstone or shoulder work, breaking through the traditional artificial production mode. Greatly saved unnecessary expenses, greatly improved the speed and quality of construction, and has brought good economic benefits and social benefits to more users.

The prefabricated curb stone slip film machine, as its name suggests, is the general name for the mechanical equipment of the curb stone construction to automatically prefabricate the synovial film. The subdivision also includes: highway shoulder molding machine, prefabric shoulder molding machine, prefabricated gutter sliding machine, prefabricated sliding moulding machine, prefabricated curb forming machine, etc. The core process of this type of equipment is to achieve fast and high quality synoving operation by adding raw materials(cement concrete) to the hopper of the equipment and then carrying the corresponding mold according to the specified direction.

Working Principle:

The working principle of the curb stone sliding molding forming machine: the spiral blade is installed in front of the forming mold, the blade rotates continuously, the cement concrete is continuously pushed into the forming mold, the curb stone is extruded, and the vibrating rod is installed in front of the forming mold. The high-frequency vibration of the rod makes the cement concrete reach a certain degree of compactness, and the machine advances by its own power.


The curb stone sliding mold forming machine is highly mechanized and does not require manual prefabrication. Saving labor and materials, especially in large-scale projects, the advantages of cost optimization are very obvious, and the operating speed block, on-demand with the mold for a variety of curbs/shoulders/drains and other facilities.

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YG-31 Curb Stone Sliding Mold Forming Machine

YG-31 Curb Machine for Sale
YG-31 Curb Machine for Sale


Engine Excitation Force 11KN
Model YG-31 Control System
Type Gasoline engine, double cylinder Control Mode Manual/automatic
Power 20HP/3600rpm  Automatic Control High-precision sensors are used for steering, longitudinal and transverse slopes
Fuel Tank Capacity 60L Cleaning System
Lubricating Oil Quantity 1.5L Power hydraulic motor
Fuel Consumption 313g/kwh  Theoretical Flow 20L/min
Running System The Theory of Hydraulic 7MPa
Drive Cycloid hydraulic motor Work
Vehicle Wheel  solid tyre Paving Speed 0-15m/min
Speed 0-70m/min

Paving Size

The Curb, the widest 80cm*the highest 50cm
Vibration System Dimensions and Weight
Vibrating Spear Hydraulic vibrator Boundary Dimension 2660*1970*1450mm
Amplitude 1.5mm Weight 1200kg
Vibrational Frequency Adjustable frequency


  1. HONDA gasoline engine.
  2. Danfoss variable hydraulic pump to provide hydraulic power to the machine.
  3. Centralized control console, easy to control with tentacle.
  4. The machine has forward and backward steering and steering control. It is easy to operate.
  5. Hydraulic vibrating bar, high vibration frequency and large vibration force.
  6. High sensitivity tilt sensor to control machine walking direction.
  7. Imported American Eaton wheel motor, drive machine walking.
  8. Equipped with hydraulic high pressure cleaning pump, can clean the machine at any time.
  9. Imported German DEUTSCH cable connector, waterproof and dustproof.

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YG-41 Curb Stone Sliding Mold Forming Machine

YG-41 Curb Machine for Sale
YG-41 Curb Machine for Sale


Model YG-41 Basic Width 600mm
Type Diesel engine, water cooled, four cylinders Maximum Width 1600mm
Power 97kw/2200rpm The Depth of the Leveling 150mm
Oil Capacity 9L Including Tool Diameter 500mm
Running System Maximum Lift 760mm
Driving Mode Crawler Hydraulic Height Regulation 400mm
Driving Pattern Hydraulic Drive Mechanically Adjusted Height 360mm
Steering Modes Synergy/yaw/front wheel/rear wheel/auto Lateral Expansion 1280mm
Running Speed 0-30m/min Cabinet Volume
Working Speed 0-15m/min Fuel Tank
Concrete Mold Hydraulic Oil Tank
Lateral Adjustment of die 1000mm Water Tank
Mold Height Adjustment 400mm Machine Height Adjustment
Maximum Die Height 1300mm Hydraulic Height Control 980mm

Maximum Mold Width

1500mm Mechanical Height Control 300mm
Vibrating Needle Transportation Clearance
Hydraulic Vibrator Bar Connector 4 Basic Machine with Feeding Screw 6975*2500*3420mm

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  1. The console is equipped with a powerful controller that can be automatically calculated to suit various construction requirements.
  2. International famous brand Cummins diesel engine.
  3. International famous brand Danfoss intelligent control variable piston pump, drive machine stepless speed walking.
  4. American HydraForce hydraulic system control valve, intelligent control of each work action.
  5. Hydraulic vibrating bar, high vibration frequency and large vibration force.
  6. Track walking mechanism with automatic tensioning cylinder, can be released at any time to improve the life of the track.
  7. Patented steering mechanism, flexible steering.
  8. Each walking mode can be quickly switched to adapt to various working conditions.
  9. Equipped with various working mechanism pressure monitors to monitor the working status in real time.
  10. Mold suspension and disassembly for hydraulic work, fast and labor-saving.
  11. Equipped with hydraulic power high pressure cleaning pump, can clean the machine at any time.
  12. The external hydraulic power is made of Italian-made quick-connect fittings, which are smooth and easy to insert and pull.
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