Concrete Scabbler

A concrete scabbler machine is a tool similar to the “ax” that treats the finished main structural surface to make the construction surface of the two construction stages firmly bonded. Usually, the concrete scabbler machine is applied in the cast-in-place concrete structure. After the cast-in-place board is poured, the wool is to be chiseled and the next layer is poured to make the concrete bond firmly. Therefore, the “concrete scabbler machine” is also commonly referred to as the “concrete chiseling machine”.

Working Principle:

Relying on the forward high-speed rotation of the milling drum, the sets of hard tungsten steel alloy blades on the milling cutter shaft are struck at high speed to hit the ground at high speed, and the tungsten steel alloy teeth on the alloy blade are used to crush and grind the ground material, thereby achieving surface milling effect.

Hand-held Concrete Scabbler Machine

Hand-held Concrete Scabbler for Sale
Hand-held Concrete Scabbler

Small in size and light in weight, the chisel head is made of high-quality tungsten steel alloy. It has strong hardness. Excellent quality, mainly used for small areas of chiseling( local, facade, side, top surface chiseling), and will not cause damage to the original structure.

Model YG-1A YG-2A YG-3A
Working Width 31mm 69mm 100mm
Air Consumption 500L/min 700L 900L
Working Efficiency 3-10㎡/h 3-15㎡/h 3-20㎡/h
Concrete Scabbler Depth 1-3mm 1-3mm 1-3mm
Air Compressor 1m³ 1m³ 1m³

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Hand Push Type Concrete Scabbler Machine

The model is small. The body is heavy. It can make 220,000 concrete scabbler frequency per minute. The machine can be used for reservoirs, dam seepage, power plants, highways, railways, tunnels, culverts, etc. Reinforcement of various types of construction.

Hand Push Type Concrete Scabbler Machine for Sale
Hand Push Type Concrete Scabbler Machine
Model BC-11A BC-23A
Air Compressor 3m³/min 3m³/min
Air Compressor Pressure 0.7mpa 0.7mpa
Concrete Scabbler Depth 1-3mm 1-3mm
Concrete Scabbler Width 283mm 535mm
Working Efficiency 45-100㎡/h 45-100㎡/h
Air Consumption 1600L/min 3200L/min
Weight 80kg 156kg

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Hand Push Electric Concrete Scabbler Machine

Hand Push Electric Concrete Scabbler Machine for Sale
Hand Push Electric Concrete Scabbler Machine

Product Features:

  1. This product adopts double grinding head technology, with smooth action and light vibration.
  2. The chisel head is made of high-quality hardness alloy with large impact force and long service life.
  3. Good shock absorption structure to ensure the operator’s comfortable work.
  4. The structural design is scientific and reasonable, and it is simple to replace the chisel head and the knife sleeve.
  5. The operation is simple, the work efficiency is high, and it is convenient to start using.

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Advantages of the Concrete Scabbler Machine:

  1. There is a vacuum cleaner connection device to provide a dust-free working environment.
  2. High efficiency and stable and reliable operation.
  3. The milling depth can be adjusted. The depth can reach 3-5mm.
  4. The blade is made of hard tungsten steel alloy. Sharp and wearable, long-lasting.
  5. The knife drum is connected by the tension sleeve, the torque is big resistance.
Concrete Scabbler Machine Hot Sale
Concrete Scabbler Machine Hot Sale

Concrete Scabbler Machine for Sale
Concrete Scabbler Machine for Sale

Concrete Scabbler for Sale in Yugong
Concrete Scabbler for Sale

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Application Example:

  1. The bridge surface is waterproof and chiseled.
  2. The beam surface of the high-speed railway box grinder (precast beam) is water-proof and chiseled.
  3. Concrete chiseling on the bridge side, bridge end face, beam side, and beam end face.
  4. Remove floor coatings, paints, and various traffic markings.
  5. Floor treatment before the renovation of various old grounds.
  6. Remove the damaged ground convex part: epoxy ground chisel.
  7. Concrete pavement: used to remove smooth surface and anti-slip layer to increase adhesion
  8. Concrete bridge: it is used for the chiseling of planes, railways, and culverts at any angle, such as plane, facade, and top surface. It increases the adhesion between the new concrete joints and ensures the concrete is poured into a whole.
  9. Ramp: It is used for construction and maintenance of chiseling at any angle such as plane, elevation, and the top surface of subway tunnels and tunnels.
  10. Underwater chiseling: It is used for the chiseling construction work of the main body that needs to be reinforced underwater. Ability to cut and level the chisel on a non-standard plane.
  11. The ground to do non-slip surface: The need for secondary paving new and old surface layering and other high-efficiency professional chiseling tools.
  12. Clean and clear airport road markings, aircraft track tire braking marks, etc., and regain a rough surface with high friction coefficient.
  13. Surface treatment of cement asphalt pavement, highway bridge deck, bridge fault, epoxy wear-resistant ground.
  14. Construction of the road micro-surface, the original old pavement surface layer is chiseled and cleaned to prepare for the slurry seal.

Performance Characteristics of the Concrete Scrabbler Machine:

  1. The airborne chiseling machine usually uses an excavator and a special truss to support the chiseling machine. It can be used to chisel the working surface at any angle. Easy to install, easy to operate, and rarely repaired.
  2. The concrete scabbling machine is divided into hand-held, hand-pushing, hand-held, airborne, and other operating modes according to different engineering projects, such as ground hand-pushing walking chiseling machine; power source using air compressor high frequency and corresponding gouge power are guaranteed for efficient operation.
  3. This concrete scrabbler machine is used in the fields of highway railways, bridges, tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower reinforcement, reinforcement, building reinforcement, decoration and decoration, municipal road and bridge repair and reinforcement, airport and parking lots.

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